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V1 Characters

The Tamagotchi characters as I have experienced them...

Black & White BabytchiBabytchisBlack is a boy and white is a girl. They require heaps of attention. They are a constant output of poop. For the first half hour of their lives you need to be on the ball to keep their stats up. They will quickly sleep and then evolve.
Marutchi - ChildMarutchiA cute child that likes to bounce up and down. Need a fair bit of attention being a child. In theory you can only get this type of child for first generations
Kinakomotchi - ChildKinakomotchiIn theory you can only get this child if you are on at least your 2nd generation and have highly trained parents. Personally, I think the kinakomotchi looks absurd!
Itchigotchi -TeenagerItchigotchiName means little strawberry and you can see why. Well mannered and spends large parts of the afternoon singing and dancing as wells as running around alot
Young Mimitchi - TeenagerYoung MimitchiThis is the teenage version of the Mimitchi (see further down). Very cute. Can't remember what it is like to have it though!
Hinotamatchi - TeenagerHinotamatchiAlthough not the most attractive looking tamagotchi, this little fellow is a pleasure to keep.
Oniontchi - TeenagerOniontchiEvery time the oniontchi jumps it reminds me of a cockroach. This one is right pain to have. Needs a lot of attention!
Tarakotchi - AdultTarakotchiI've had the most experience with this Tamagotchi. Easy to please and doesn't require a whole lot attention. They say he has stink feet! Smiley Not overly active but gives out lots of kisses. Can get a big pair of boots and a skateboard if connected with other tamas.
Mametchi - AdultMametchiThis was my first adult and again can't remember a great deal about her except that she loves to come up and bow to you a lot! Mamethis will also spend 15mins brushing their teeth before bed as well as spending half an hour in the bath like the others.Smiley
Hanatchi - AdultHanatchiMy favourite Tamagotchi. I would love to have one of these one day. Apparently they require a lot of attention tho. They say Hanatchis have a big red nose cause they get hayfever a lot.
Kuchipatchi - AdultKuchipatchiDon't particularly want this one. Don't know a great deal about it other than that it can get maracas and a pretty hat if connected with other Tamagotchi regularly.
Masktchi - AdultMasktchiNever had to look after one of these but I know that it has a whole lot of superhero type things going on. When connected with other tamas Masktchi can get a pair of wings and a cape!
Robotchi - AdultAndrotchiAlso called Androtchi
Memetchi - AdultMemetchiEasy to look after. Very good temprement.
Mimitchi - AdultMimitchiThe adult version of the young mimitchi
Gozarutchi - AdultGozarutchiThe ninja tama
Oyajitchi - AdultOyajitchiThis is a special tama which can only be gotten by a special method. Smiley Even though it has facial hair, it can be either male or female funnily enough!
Ojitchi - Mature AdultOjitchiThis is grandfather tama! If you stay mateless for a long time and repeatedly refuse the matchmaker's offers then your boy tama will become an old man!
Otokitchi - Mature AdultOtokitchiThis is the grandmother tama! This is what your female will turn into when she gets old. She is also the character known as the matchmaker or Mrs. Busybody! Smiley
NazotchiNazotchiA rather famous character available on Tamagotchi Keitai but only on debug mode on regular tamagotchis.

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V2 Characters

The new version 2 characters...

Puchitchi - Male BabyPuchitchiThe male baby looks like a little acorn with legs! Similar to V1 black is male on white is female.
Shiropuchitchi - Female BabyShiropuchitchiThe female is the while little acorn on legs. Little legs at that.
Marutchi - ToddlerMarutchiMarutchi the toddler returns! Marutchi is a friendly and well behaved youngster.
Kinakomotchi - ToddlerKinakomotchiKinakomotchi also returns in V2. This one is a very irritable little tama!
Kuribotchi - ToddlerKuribotchiJust when you think your acorn on legs has grown up... What Kuribotchi loses in legs, he/she makes up with that extra big smile!
Hitodetchi - ToddlerHitodetchiA young star fish.
Young Mametchi - TeenYoung MametchiYoung mimitchi is now joined by an equally cute, young mametchi
Nikatchi - TeenNikatchiI'm not really sure what this is! It looks like an acorn with a bit more of a hump on its head. You work it out!
Ichigotchi - TeenItchigotchiAnother recognisable teen. Model behaviour and quite difficult to achieve because of the care levels required!
Ringotchi - TeenRingotchiIchigotchi literally translates into little strawberry. Ringotchi translates into little apple!
Hinatchi - TeenHinatchiHinatchi looks like a little bird or possibly even a penguin.
Young MimitchiYoung MimitchiSee version 1 information
Yu-fotchi - Teen
A little UFO dude! I will get a colour picture of it when I can.
Hinotamatchi - TeenHinotamatchiA version 1 hangover that isn't the most exciting thing you'll see.
Oniontchi - TeenOniontchiYet another version 1 hangover.
Puroperatchi - TeenPuroperatchiHmm as I remember, Puroperatchi, or, the propeller tama is taken from Osutchi & Mesutchi tamagotchi ... the first matable tamagotchi.
Furawatchi - AdultFurawatchiA pretty little bear with flowers in its ears I guess
Memetchi - AdultMemetchiMost of the adults from V1 remained, including Memetchi
Debatchi - AdultDebatchiI just think this thing is the best! It's got huge beaver teeth yet resembles a bird! A V2 favourite for me!
Gozarutchi - AdultGozarutchiSee version 1 information
Mametchi - AdultMametchiSee version 1 information
Kuchipatchi - AdultKuchipatchiSee version 1 information
Dorotchi - AdultDorotchiThe ghost tamagotchi! This one will indeed be interesting to have!
Urutchi - AdultUrutchiAs long as that one looks like a sheep to you too, then we are doing just fine! American Bandai refer to this character as Wooltchi.*smile*
Oyajitchi - AdultOyajitchiThis was a special tama in version 1 however, I am under the impression that this time around he/she will be classified as a normal adult.
Mimitchi - AdultMimitchiSee version 1 information
Tarakotchi - AdultTarakotchiSee version 1 information
Marumitchi - Adult
If you debugged your version1 then you would recognise this little fellow. You can now have him as an adult character in v2
Pyonchitchi - Adult
My best guess it a bear with small limbs on it.
Ginjirotchi - Adult
I have to say it. Honestly this THING looks like it is completely off in its own world. Looks about as intelligent as Ralph Wiggam!
Pochitchi - Adult
Dog tama! Who said tamagotchis didn't have normal animals??
Kusatchi - Adult
This is the Bell Sprout tama! It is on of my favourites for that reason!
Nyorotchi - Adult
Yeah this looks like a few things doesn't it...
Kiwitchi - Adult
If that was their attempt at a walking kiwi fruit then they could have done a whole lot better! Kiwitchi comes from Mesutchi and Osutchi.
Robotchi - AdultAndrotchiSee version 1 information
Cho Himetchi - Adult
Cho Himetchi
The Koala King a very very old tama character reborn!
Hatenatchi - Adult
Don't know what this thing's name is however, it looks like a pile of moss to me.
Zuccitchi - AdultZuccitchiThis is an old character adapted from either P1 or P2 of the original tamagotchi.
Takotchi - AdultTakotchiThis is also an old character adapted from either P1 or P2 of the original tamagotchi.
Kaerutchi - Adult
Despite this character's resemblance to a croc, it is actually a frog!
Batafuraitchi - Adult
American Bandai refer to this character as Butterflytchi.
Hiratchi - Adult
Can't remember where this guy came from but I'm thinking he makes a pretty cool alien cross jellyfish!
Kabutchi - Adult
Ummm turnip tama?? *sticks tongue out*
Unknown - Adult
American Bandai call this Flowertchi which is not a name I shall be adopting for this site due to the amibuity with furawatchi. It was also one you get on debug in v1.
Toratchi - Adult
It's almost tiger like!
Hanatchi - AdultHanatchiSee version 1 information
Masktchi - AdultMasktchiSee version 1 information
Ojitchi - Old Timer MaleOjitchiSee version 1 information
Otokitchi - Old Timer FemaleOtokitchiSee version 1 information

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