Below I have listed the V2 codes. Click here to jump straight to the tips and tricks section!

Secret Codes - V2

So you have v2 and you want to get some cool stuff that you can't normally buy. Go the shop and cycle through until the shopkeeper starts getting a little strange at your antics. Then it is time to play. Remember that you only get it free once. After that you will be required to pay full price for the item.

For those of you who aren't fully clued up yet... the first button on your tama is A, the second is B and the third is C.
RRP stands for Recommended Retail Price... basically the price you will be expect to pay after the first use.

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Interesting Bits 'N' Pieces - V1 & V2

V1 specific tips are first, followed by V2 specific tips. All other tips apply both to V1 and to V2.

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