After my Shodan grading
Super happy me, just after my Shodan grading! I had not quite realised just how happy I looked! lol I'm still hoping to get my hands on a few other pics for posting yet.
Taken 14/07/07
My new hair!
Here it... the new hair cut. Self photography is quite an art... lol Taken 22/03/07
A full body shot!
A side view of my car from nose to tail. Needed a bit of brighten because it was a rainy day and we were in an underground car park at the time! lol Taken 10/09/06
Me hanging out in my new car.
One of the dodgier pics of me but I'm proud of the car! This is me in my new baby! ;-) Taken 10/09/06
My boy, myself and one of our students
Meet our son! lol J/K! He's a student of ours who graded to 1st kyu! The picture was taken by his father and it is one that I really do like so I thought I would throw it on here! Taken 09/07/06
My boy and me together
Thought it was time for some more karate stuff. This one is of my babe using me as his test dummy when demonstrating how do a leg sweep. Taken 14/06/06
Doing basics
It is a little bit blurry but this it is me with one of the guys from our dojo, Vu, part way through the basic blocks in line. Taken 20/06/06
Katie and Me
This is the latest photo with my niece and me all dressed up very ambulance like! :-) Taken 10/05/06
Vodka Party
A random moment in time at the party of 18/02/06... This is me and my babe sitting around.
Vodka Party
Ummm....dancing! LOL
My niece
Here is a piccy of my cute little niece. She's having a play with my stethoscope. We had a listen to all the toys' chests!
Niece's Birthday
Just a random pic from my niece's birthday. We were unwrapping a yellow bunny rabbit at the time.
BB gradings
Don't I look happy! That's me with my pretty little shodan-ho certificate and new very black belt! :-)
BB Gradings
This is one of my favourite action shots from the black belt grading. It's mawashi giri (round house kick) done during basic kicks - I think!
I can't remember which tournament this was of, but it was the first time I had manage to place in my division (even though it was really small). I'm half cut off on the far right. I nicked this one from the official results PDF that they stick out after each tournament.
Red belt
This one was taken just after grading to red belt. It seems I got my hands right in the three months between belts!
Tournament pic
This was a photo from the medal giving ceremony bit from my first tournament. I'm the blue belt, second from the left. Smiley
Blue belt
Taken at my first class after grading to blue belt. I am not sure what the go is with my hands. I looks like I'm driving an imaginary car or something! Shame! Embarressed!

Lemming plays golf on the hard rule