Graveyard Pre-November

cry Mary would like to say goodbye to Penny her 1st generation tamagotchi who returned to her home planet not long ago. She hopes her next one will leave a baby for her to look after instead.

cry Rex says goodbye to his masktchi called Nigel. Nigel took his leave in the middle of the night and has left Rex with his beloved daughter Maya.

cry Julie says bye to Bando, her tama who left while all were sleeping. He leaves behind his daughter called Maria for Julie to take care of.

cry Fernando's first tamagotchi, Bonom, left our planet leaving in his place his daughter Ayima who will stay with Fernando until she gives life to her children.

cry Rex farewells Nigel's daughter, Maya, a mimitchi left in the middle of the night leaving her son, Rocko.

cry Georgie would like to say bye to Sally her 15th generation tama who died mysteriously before being able to have children of her own. She now has a new tamagotchi called Wally.

cry MBMStyler says byee byee to Billy, going home to his home planet leaving behind his baby gurl named Aisha. MBMStyler is hoping to have Aisha carry their tama on to the 20th generation...

cry Bek says goodbye to two of her tamas, Chapy and Lolly who have now been replaced by a little Oniontchi.

cry Alyssa, would like to say good-bye to Kyle the Pochitchi who left her Tama leaving Jo.

crySara would like to say goodbye to Bella my first generation. She says "You were the best. I love you alot. Miss you bunches!"

cryEmma would like to say goodbye to Caren, her Masktchi who got lost with whole family at Disney World. She says "Caren, I miss YOU!, luv Emma".

cryAlyssa says bye-bye to her other four tamas who recently evolved into teenagers!

cryJessica says good bye to Mya after a sickness and left her baby boy Myc.

cryIvana farewells Faith her Kabutchi who died at 7 years old. She says "Faith was so faithful....she never even saw what the matchmaker looks like!! :,( sniff, sniff

cryEmma would like to say bye-bye to DEXY for having a baby named QT.

cryKirsty would like to say goodbye to her loving tama Digit the Kabutchi who had the matchmaker, to leave her with Mixu. Boo hoooo!

crySian would like to say goodbye to Steve who had a baby boy. She says "Somehow my tamagotchi turned itself off but I know I have a boy called Ian who is the character that loos like an apple! I miss you!

cryJess would like to say goodbye to her first generation Tarakotchi Kira who left her babies Sukie and Charm last night to return to her home planet. She says "I'll miss you loads and loads and promise I'll take care of Sukie".

cry"Vbogrong" says "I miss my 2nd gen. tamagotchi Mario. He looks like that grampa one. He died at age 20".

cry"Vbogrong" says "I miss my tamagotchi V2, Cory who left his son Roo."

cryKirsty would like to say bye to Eecho her Robotchi. She says "the matchmaker came and left me with Coby. Echo was a lovely tama to have and I will miss him alot!! Bye Echo! I will take good care of Coby! smile

cryElain says "Mamamamammamam died."

cryRoxy says "Ii would just like to say my tama was the best, it was called Roxy after me and I had 35 items when it died, I lost them all, boo hoo!!!"

cry"Vbogrong" says " I miss Cream very much, he left his son Kiwi!"

cryCheyenne says "I miss my KC very much, he was named after my one tru love. He left a day after I mated him with Kimo, another tama I was raising. He left his cute little daughter Case. KC, I will make sure Case has a nice family then will someday leave and be with you.

cryRex says goodbye to his cousin's G2 Masktchi who was a very good slots player!

cry"Brooks" says "My robotchi went in the middel of the night and left baby Chloe"

cryAngeleyre says "My poor Mac went away after saying goodbye to his swet litle girl Chris! :(

cryErika would like to farewell Kairi the Hanatchi who was her very first tama. She says "She died when I was in school on the one day I left her home. She died with out a child for me to take care of. :(

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