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Name: Huh? I would put my name here why???

Alias: Bell Sprout

About me: This is the bit I hate cause I can never think of anything decent to say.. Ok.. so... I'm a 21 year old female who is currently studying the highly prestigeous LOL B. Health Science (paramedic). I'm a third year student and am also a casual employee with the QAS. As you can probably tell I'm a bit of a karate nut. At present I train two to three times each week and teach a class Friday night each week as a black belt (shodan). It is the source of much of my life's frustrations but it is all the thing that keeps me sane. Through karate I have met so many wonderful people and even my very special man. :D

Interests: Karate is perhaps the most obvious one here... I am also pretty keen on all types of sports but particularly volleyball (though I haven't played since school). My other main interest is webpage design. At the moment this place is looking pretty bland and sad but I intend to do something worthwhile with it. If you are interested to see what I am potentially capable of please view an old redunt page of mine here..

Why Bell Sprout?: My most recent alias, Bell Sprout, originated as a joke between a friend and myself. It just so happened that I accidentally discovered I have a talent for saying Bellsprout very well. LOL The things you discover when watching kids TV! Anyway, I became Bell Sprout and she became MewII.

Lemming plays golf on the hard rule